Glass Balustrade in Perth is a great, cost-effective solution to give any home a modern fresh look without compromising on safety. Studio Balustrade, one of the leading glass blasturade companies in perth has many glass balustrade systems available which can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. We offer a full range of handrails which can be supplied in Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Timber.  You can choose from one of our standard glass balustrade systems or we can assist in the design to produce a unique look with the help of our onsite welding team and installers.
Glass Balustrade in Perth

Top mounted frameless glass balustrade, Perth

This is the most popular, cost-effective glass balustrade system available and looks great on any new or existing home. It’s ideal for external balconies and helps reduce the wind and rain entering your entertaining balcony area. Mounting Stirrups can be supplied in high polish stainless steel or in matt black to give a modern unique look. Handrails can also be installed directly on top the glass or fixed to the side to provide a more open feel.
Side fixed planar frameless glass balustrade
Planar fixed glass balustrade is the perfect solution for internal balustrades and staircases. This side fixed glass balustrade looks amazing and can have a lasting impact on the look of your home. Glass can be side fixed using stainless steel pins in high polish, satin or matt black with a range of handrails to suit your exact requirements.
Side fixed Glass Balustrade in Perth
Frameless glass balustrade in Perth
Top Mounted Glass Balustrade in Perth

Channel mount frameless glass balustrade

This frameless glass balustrade system is ideal for those not wanting the appearance of any fixings. This style allows the glass a seamless integration from the concrete base and gives an uninterrupted view with no handrail fitted. If desired, handrail options are available and can be customised to suit specific requirements.