Stainless Steel Handrail with LED lighting is a new trend that gives a completely new look to your handrail and staircases. LED has drastically replaced halogen fixtures, incandescent, or fluorescent light because of its low energy consumption and maintenance costs.
Stainless steel handrails in Perth
Stainless Steel LED Handrail in Perth
If you are also looking for LED handrails in Perth for your house or commercial, Studio Blasturaded provides a wide range of LED handrails. Our LED handrails complement and highlight any design and architectural style. You can any handrail choose from our LED handrails ranges- Logan, Forrest, Aston, and Closet Rail.

Our LED Handrails have a satin or mirror stainless steel finishes and powder-coated aluminium with a wide range of colours. All our LED handrails are suitable for both residential and
commercial projects.

Why Studio Blasturade ?
Led handrails from Studio blasturade is your solution to safety in Dark. Led HANDRAILS from studio blast rate is available on different colour and rails. Being energy efficient and eco friendly these handrails are just what you need to make your stairs more eye-catching.

Studio Blasturdae is the market leaders in custom LED Balustrading, LED Handrails, LED Closet Rails, LED Bar Steps, with the ability to Supply & Install your custom job with our team of Estimators and Stainless Steel Fabricators.

LED Handrails Perth
LED Handrails in Perth
LED Handrails in Perth
Advantages of LED Handrails
Advantages of LED Handrails
 Reduced energy and maintenance costs.
 Put lights wherever needed.
 Retain the handrailing system’s aesthetics.