Glass Balustrade in Perth, LED Handrails in Perth

LED Handrail in Perth

LED Handrail in Perth

LED Handrail is a trendy and an innovative way to completely change the look of your house/property to a more modern and aesthetic look. Stainless steel handrail that comes with LED lights Pre-installed in it makes the area of your staircase more vibrant with light and modern look. Studio Balustrade presents you all the new and aesthetic innovative LED Handrails in Perth.

Following are the features of LED Handrail to give you a complete overview of LED Handrails in Perth:

  • Solution to darkness: Studio Balustrade provides you a permanent solution to get rid of darkness. If you want to light the dark areas of your house or office; or thinking to provide some lights to your staircases, Studio Balustrade in Perth is here to help you out with the fresh and trendy LED Handrails that will simply light up your stairs and will give it an aesthetic look suiting with the rest of your house/building/office.
  • Freedom of Choice from our vast range: Studio Balustrade provides you a wide range to choose from. Here we give our customers to freely choose from our wide range of LED Handrail- Logam, Forrest, Aston, and Closet Rail. We have Satin/ mirror Stainless steel finishes for our Handrail and a variety of colors to choose for the LED lights. We have LED Handrail that will suit both your residential as well as commercial properties.
  • Safety: LED Handrail in Perth is an innovative idea specially designed to secure the safety of your family while using a staircase. A dark staircase with no light is more prone to accidents. LED lights fixed in the handrail makes it easy to light the stairs and ensures the safety. The LED light emits light which makes the stairs clearly visible. It also highlights the stair area and makes it more eye catching and adorable.
  • Low cost maintenance: Studio Balustrade provides LED handrail that are more energy efficient and eco friendly. The handrails are made of mirror stainless steel and powder coated aluminium that makes it shock resistant as well as easy to maintain. It requires minimal cleaning and maintenance so the maintenance cost is also very low.

Studio Balustrade aims at serving their customers with the best products. We have a number of products in various ranges to suit your taste and bring the missing aesthetic and modern look to your house. So if you wish to enlighten your house/buildings with this beautiful innovation, Studio Balustrade is here with all the best quality products to fulfil your desire.

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