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Safety Regulations For Frameless Glass Pool Fencing In Perth.

Frameless glass pool fencing in Perth

Having Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Perth sounds so good. Imagine having them exactly in your home and enhancing beauty. Studio Balustrade in Perth provides you the frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fence specially designed to fit in any architectural house style.

Studio Balustrade’s frameless glass pool fencing in Perth comes with all the safety measures and regulations. Here we provide you the measures followed by us to ensure our customers’ safety.

First, The Australian Standard 2820

This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee on Safety of Private Swimming Pools to supersede AS 2820 – 1985. ‘Gate units for private swimming pools’. This Standard was intended for use by manufacturers who are seeking certification that their products comply with this Standard. All our glass pool fencing meet this Australian Standard for Safety.

Second, Efficient Glass Balustrade Fence Panels

I) Strength and durability: Studio Balustrade’s glass fencing panels are toughened and tempered glass that is highly unbreakable. The glass panels are highly durable and long-lasting. The very reason for its long life durability is that the glass pool fencing is rust-resistant unlike pool fencings made of other materials. Moreover, the smooth and clear surface makes the glass fence panels dirt free and easy to clean and maintain.

II) Climb resistance: The smooth surface of the glass pool fencing makes it climb resistant due to no grip formation to climb up. There are no footholds present in the glass panels to make anyone climb up the fence (especially children). The minimum height of the fence is 1.2 meters which are kept keeping in mind the safety standards.

III) Clear view: The clear glass pool fencing panels by Studio Balustrade makes it easy for parents to supervise their children. The transparent glass fencing panel provides clear views of all the activities happening in and around the pool area.

Third, Gate Automation

 Another feature provided by Studio Balustrade is Gate Automation in Perth which becomes the most important safety measure while considering glass pool fencing. The glass gates are automated and self-latching to ensure that the pool area is always secured.

Fourth, Installation and Maintenance

 The glass pool fencing in Perth should always be installed by highly experienced professionals. Studio Balustrade promises its safe installation. Coupled with the premium quality and compatibility it stands the test of time. The smooth surface of the glass and stainless steel spigots makes the maintenance cost very low with only occasional cleaning to preserve its shine.

Studio Balustrade can always be considered, as they provide a fully safe and secure glass pool fencing in Perth, with a stylish appearance that adds value and charisma to your house/property.

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